UNHCR Dream-ball Project info.

As IDS MA students are currently interning at UNHCR, it has deepened the relationship with the organization. Ms. Deanna Bitetti, Senior Project Leader of Tokyo 2020 from UNHCR, spoke at the 9th lecture of IDPS II, a required course for IDS MA students in 2021.
In the class, titled “Leveraging the power of Sport for/with refugees,” Ms. Bitetti introduced UNHCR’s targets, activities, and efforts in the Tokyo 2020 games and Olympic actions, including the rationale, framework, activities, effects, and assessment.
After the lecture, by the request of the UNHCR, IDS MA students cooperated in a short video of the Dream-ball project conducted by the organization, and “Joint Master’s program in International Development and Peace through Sport at University of Tsukuba Graduate School” was posted on the ticker tape of the UNHCR’s YouTube video with 1.52K subscribers and on a dedicated page in the UNHCR.



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