Program Overview

Background (International Development and Peace through Sport)

  • Sport has been recognized as an important tool for social development in the world. As there is a growing number of initiatives to tackle social issues such as education, gender, poverty, health, and peace-building through sport, the demand for persons who have advanced knowledge and competency in the field is increasing.
    The Master’s program in International Development and Peace through Sport aims to educate students who will contribute to solving social issues using sport as a tool for development and peace. University of Tsukuba and National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya collaborate with the Japan Sport Council to provide an innovative academic program in English, which allows students to develop practical competence in international development and peace through sport.


  • Educate persons who will contribute to the development of international peace, friendship, development of individuals and societies through theoretical and practical studies in sport, physical education and health.

Educational Goals

  • Knowledge of international affairs and policies. Mission, values, and willpower to achieve goals in contributing to self-sustainability, growth, change, and development of individuals and societies
  • Broad perspectives towards people in communities in global contexts and skills to overcome challenges as leaders in the field
  • Comprehension of sport, physical education, and health to achieve international peace and friendship and bring positive changes to the lives of people
  • Skills of communication and management (practical skills and language proficiency in projects related to sport, physical education, and heath) to contribute to the global community

Ideal Candidate has;

  • Basic knowledge and practical experience of sport, physical education, and health science
  • Knowledge or practical experience of international development and peacebuilding
  • English fluency in both written and oral communication


  • MA in International Development and Peace through Sport