Global Master’s Program 2019

Global Master’s Program 2019

The Global Master’s Programme is conducted by three universities in 2018-19: Utrecht University, University of Johannesburg and University of Tsukuba.


This programme aims at educating the future global sport leaders and global citizens, who can give way to the contribution of (international) sport organizations to societal transformation, from a critical and practical perspective. Not only through knowledge about the local, regional and global social issues, knowledge about the meaning of sport in various contexts, knowledge about governance and management of (international) sport organizations but also with academic, leadership and management skills. Each participating university offers a ‘country visit’: which will consist of an intense four-week programme at their university. They provide lectures and classes on signature topics, where each university offers a unique topic regarding sport for development.

  • Visit 1: Utrecht University, Netherlands (February to March 2018)
  • Visit 2: University of Tsukuba, Japan (July to August 2018)
  • Visit 3: University of Johannesburg, South Africa (February to March 2019)

Kasho Sorachi(2nd Year:enrolled in 2017)NetherlandsJapanSouth Africa

Takuya Shimokubo(2nd Year:enrolled in 2017) NetherlandsJapanSouth Africa

Makoto Yazaki(1st Year:enrolled in 2018) NetherlandsJapanSouth Africa


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