OJP at NGO working in refugee camps

Mariya Asagi 

Organization: Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA)

Implementation period:  April in the second year ~ May next year

Currently I am at the broader between Thailand and Myanmar and working for Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA) as an intern. The organization provides education through library projects in refugee camps along the broader. I am able to focus on more specific area, refugee assistance which I have been interested in.

After I have done the half of my internship period, I could learn how the organization functions. It did not take so long until I gained learning experience on not only project itself, but also management of an organization. Moreover, I was able to be in the field when first facilitated repatriation has been started. The discussion of refugee’s repatriation will be more active from now on and I would like to learn various types of support that is needed under unstable circumstances.


Many of responsibilities are related to public relations such as taking photos, uploading a website and SNS and create/translate article for newsletters. When I go to refugee camps, I manage information sharing system for residents. They can use offline computers and check information about repatriation, resettlement, news about outside of the camp and so on. It is also my task to collect the data and analyze it such as questionnaire after training or workshops, opinions from interview and statistics which UNHCR or other organization published.

Regarding sport programs, we held a football event on the World Refugee Day in collaboration with Right To Play and Japanese football players. I worked as an interpreter in the event.

I could experienced a lot through this internship and I also got a chance to join The Sphere Project Training and Psychological First Aid Workshop. I would like to keep doing my best and experience as much I can.