OJP at JICA Domestic Office

Mariya Asagi 

Organization: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Tsukuba International Center

Implementation period:  August ~ September in the first year (4 weeks)

I took part in one of the internship programs in Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). On this occasion, I have worked in the citizens’ cooperation department. The department handles the partnership projects with private sector and carry out workshops to citizens, especially for students. My work was primarily related to the latter. There were three visits of high schools and junior high schools students and three workshops were held for university students during my intern period. I was working on preparation, implementation and feedback for those events. I sometimes organized a workshop as a facilitator and could learn contents with participants at the same time.

Regarding the other activities, I was involved in a press conference for a project implemented by the local government in Ibaraki, and created relevant documents such as minutes of a meeting. I could briefly grasp about the partnership project and its progress.  

Currently, the trend of Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA) is the international cooperation served the best interests of the nation and Japanese citizen. Hence it was a great opportunity to observe B to B interactions.  

Through this experience, I could learn how essential cooperating with others was. In terms of international development or international cooperation, we are likely to focus on implementation in the fields. However I realized that it was also important to plan and manage projects patiently under cooperation with others.



I was just lucky to get this opportunity which I could apply my learning into practice. Even role-playing or case studies in the classes are quite different from what I experienced on this occasion.

I know most of these who are working in this area have specific experience and knowledge, but the perspectives in the academic context are what they do not have yet. Thus I thought it should be adopted in the field level.

For other students, they should consider the place or situation they could utilize what they learn. While, for lectures, I would like to suggest other students to focus on theories and think how it can be adapted to practice.