International Basketball Federation

Mai Sakaguchi

Organization: International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Oceania, Basketball Fiji

Implementation period: June~July in the second year (5 weeks)

Based on my own experience of playing basketball in an university team, I was interested in Hoops for Health, which is a health education program through Basketball in International Basketball Federation (FIBA), and I also wanted to gain experience to work in an organization which has social development projects through Basketball.

During five weeks of my internship period, I spent two weeks in Fiji supporting activities and I also was involved in works of Basketball Fiji as an intern of FIBA. Based on discussions with my supervisor in FIBA, my major responsibilities were to create and collect data of activities and conduct monitoring and evaluation of the program. I was also involved in various tasks in FIBA such as training of the Fiji national team and meetings with other institutions (Ministry of Education, JICA and so on).

The office of FIBA has only five staff and I had a chance to communicate with all the staff on a daily basis. They took me to many places and gave me a great opportunity to challenge various tasks. I truly appreciated the environment there. 


Although FIBA does not have any internship programs, since the Hoops for Health is a fairly new program started from 3 years ago and FIBA was also interested in having a student who studies Sport for Development and Peace, I was lucky to be accepted to work as an intern.

I sent emails about seven organizations but received approval only from FIBA. Skills and competency are important of course, however, I felt that simply timing and luck can be factors to affect in the process.

I was asked many times whether the internship is for conducting my own research or obtaining practical experience. It is very important to have clear vision of what you would like to achieve and objectives of the internship. As it is said ‘Seeing if believing’, I understood that there are many things you cannot find and understand unless you actually be there in the field.