Q How long is the program?

A This is a full time, two years master’s program.


Q Are professionals eligible to apply?

A Professionals are eligible to apply. Please note that there are no evening classes.


Q How can I check eligibility?

A Please check the eligibility criteria in the admission guidelines. If you are required to apply for eligibility screening, please follow designated procedures.


Q Are there any scholarships offered for the program?

A Students who are in need of financial support may be exempt from the admission fee and the tuition fee. There are also other scholarship opportunities available from private institutions. Please refer to Scholarships page. For further details, please consult individually.

Q Is there any financial support to conduct On the Job Practice outside of Japan?

A There is no financial aid regarding On the Job Practice. There are options for self-funded activities and participation in the JICA volunteer program. Students need to discuss details with their academic supervisors.


Q How should I decide my academic supervisor?

A Please check the list of teaching staff on the program website and contact in advance the instructor who has expertise in your research area.