【Workshop 2019】Cerebrate International day of Sport for Development and Peace!

【Workshop 2019】Cerebrate International day of Sport for Development and Peace!

Joint Master’s Program in International Development and Peace through Sport (IDS), a workshop “Let’s think about “Eco-society” has been held on 5th April (Friday). Around 10 participants were participated including university students and graduate students from University of Tsukuba, who are interested in sports and international development.

In the workshop, a special lecture was delivered by Prof. Yasushi Honda, Environmental Health and Health Experts and discuss what actions and policies should be taken for environmental protection through Sport as well as in a daily life.

Participants commented that they should re-use existing resources such as textbooks and reference books, and Best Practice, such as sharing a car with many people when going to a sports match venue. The participants were then divided into small groups to conduct activities to think about sports and environmental issues. Participants made an enlightenment poster with the message “Let ’s Use Re-usable Bottle” on the picture of reusable plastic bottles, and worked to have them think about Eco. The group that received the Best Poster Award received a memorial from Professor Honda, and at the end of the workshop, everyone also shot eco-enlightenment videos.

The following is the details of the workshop.


April 5, 2019 Workshop Details

1) 16:00-16:10 Warm-up Activity: Warm-up to think about the eco-society

The participants are mainly students and graduate students in physical education and sports at the University of Tsukuba. First of all, as a Warm-up Activity, we passed the ball while presenting each self-introduction, the reason for coming to the event of the day, and the eco-activity recently brought close. In spite of my first meeting, we were able to create a harmonious atmosphere by communicating in the light exercise.


2) 16:10-16:30 Lecture: “Basic course on sports and the environment” by Prof. Atsushi Honda

We invited Prof. Yasushi Honda to provide the special lecture about the basics of sports and the environment. In addition to the definition of eco, he explained many problems related to global environmental issues. Climate change and global warming were mentioned as the main issues, and two types of solutions were shown: Adaptation and Mitigation. Adaptation is how human beings adapt to the environment, and mitigation is how to alleviate the cause of the problem itself. The outline of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) was also explained that each of the 17 development goals are correlated with each other, and the power and potential of sports are related to this development goal. Finally, he asked the participants “What policy should we take?” And “What behavior should we take?” to move on a group discussion.


3) 16:30-16:45  Group Discussion: Open discussion by Professor Honda and the participants

Divided into small groups, participants discussed “actions to be taken on environmental issues”. We shared as many ideas as possible on the post-it board, then shared the ideas of each group throughout, and finally we received an opinion from Professor Honda. Participants commented that they should re-use existing resources such as textbooks and reference books, and Best Practice, such as sharing cars with more people to the sports match venue. .


4) 16:45-17:20 Sporting Activity: Activity to think about sports and environmental problems

17:20-17:30 Closing: Group photo · Eco enlightenment video shooting

In this part, we together tried to find out the issues around us (at the campus) and think about a solution for the environmental problem on a process of creating posters to enlighten the eco-society. The participants were supposed to take multiple photos of the university campus so that they could convey the issues and solutions to the eco-society. The Photographs were printed with the enlightenment message considered. For example, a group took a picture of a plastic bottle and created a poster with the message “Let ’s Use Re-usable Bottle”. In addition, a group photographed the badminton racquet that was thrown away at the garbage collection place, and attached the message of “Mottainai! (What a waste!)”. Another group also expressed concern about the overprinted PR form on campus. After that, a prize was given by Professor Honda to the Best Poster Award group. As a conclusion of the event, we took group photos and eco-enlightenment videos.


【Poster: International Day of Sport for Development and Peace 2019】