Global Master's Program 2019 Final Report(Takuya SHIMOKUBO)

Global Master’s Program 2019 Final Report(Takuya SHIMOKUBO)

Global Master’s Programme 3rd round staged in the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. The lectures in this round addressed sport for development in poverty society and racial issue. The experience in the society which has a long history of poverty and racial problem made me realize the reality in society. I still remember the words which professor Burnett-Louw mentioned, “This view cannot be explained even if you speak thousands of words.”

【1st week】

In the first week, the lecture of youth development and peacebuilding through sport was provided by the coach of Football 4 Peace, which is an international NGO implementing project around the world. His lectures were constructed based on his experience and gave us much knowledge of practices.

(The photo taken on the lecture by coach Football 4 Peace)

【2nd week】

Students got the lectures about research method, literature review, the poverty and racial issue in the South African sport, and the organizations implementing sport for development and peace program. Academic and practical knowledge learned in lectures gave me a significant sense to take research in the field.

(Photo was taken on the lecture by people from the sport for development organization)

【3rd week】

The student moved, in the third week, to the Gelkusburg the city away from Johannesburg. We visited the school and NGO which implementing youth development health support in the poverty area. Students learned the reality of the sport for a development project in the poverty rural area. Furthermore, students took a survey in accordance with research interest.

(Photo taken on the educational facility at Gelkusburg)

【4th week】

In the final week, student analyzed and discussed the data they collected at Gelkusburg. Although each student had a different topic, they were supervised by professors to resolve research question. In the final day, students got the certification of GMP in South Africa.

(Photo taken on the closing ceremony)

 Throughout the GMP, I have stayed in three different countries and interacted with people from different background. This experience changed my insight and point of view toward society. And, this should be variable meaning for my future.