Tsukuba Global Science Week

Tsukuba Global Science Week

20th September, 2018, Tsukuba Global Science Week(TGSW) was held by Joint Master’s Program in International Development and Peace through SportTIAS、the Office of TGSW.


How Top Athletes Can Contribute to Achieve SDGs?

The session by Ms. Yasuko Miyajima (left) Ms. Yuko Arimori (right)

We welcomed the two times Olympics medalist, Ms. Yuko Arimori and the sports commentator, Yasuko Miyajima for the first session.

Ms. Arimori said ” I started to think to run not only for myself but also for others”. After she finished her career as an athlete, she has done many activities such as activities in Hearts of Gold (the link is in Japanese).

Ms. Arimori explained the difficulty of activities. That is the “difference”: backgrounds, religions, cultures and languages. However, she added the message from her experience that “It is important that not to ask to agree, but to understand. We should not judge people. What is important is to try to understand”.

Ms. Miyajima, she shared the story of one of the athlete who joined the sports events in refugee camps. The athlete told her that she found the meaning of the Olympic medal by joining these activities. From the story, Ms. Miyajima said that the good outcome is not only for participants, but also for athletes. That might able to be the opportunity for athletes to think/realize/ understand that what they can do to their society through sport.

They concluded the first session by saying that they hope more athletes will take part of actions for SDGs and social contribution through sports in Japan.

The baton was passed to the second session in the afternoon.


(From left)Dr. Yasushi Honda(Professor, University of Tsukuba/ Director, Joint Master’s Program in International Development and Peace through Sport), Dr. Hisashi Sanada(Professor, University of Tsukuba/ Chairman, Tsukuba International Academy for Sport Studies), Dr. Satoshi Shimizu(Vice president and Executive Director for Education, University of Tsukuba)、Mr. Joel Matuuri(Former Athletic Director, University of Minnesota), Ms. Hadja Namanda氏(President, Uganda Volleyball Federation)、Ms. Yasuko Miyajima, Ms. Yuko Arimori, Dr. Cathy van Ingen(Associate Professor, Brock University), Dr. Yuhei Inoue(Associate Professor, University of Minnesota), Mr. Tsuyoshi Matsumoto (Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba)



Actions for SDGs through Sports

In the second session, the guest speakers presented activities to achieve SDGs through sports.

Mr. Joel Matuuri shared their achievement and process for equalities in NCAA(Effors and approaches to achieving equalities in NCAA, U.S.A.).

Ms. Hadja Namanda talked her experience in sport for development as the first president of the national sport federation in Africa (Experiences of development
  through Sports as a Woman Sports Personality and Leader in Uganda).

Dr. Cathy van Ingen showed the gender-based violence in Canada and introduced Shape Your Life  as the program for women who have trauma from violence.(Sport and Gender Equality: Examining Global Development Through A Local Lens).

The presentations include the both perspectives from practical and academic.

And IDS students Ms. Chizuru Sasaki and Tanya Gomez gave presentations as the student representative. 

Ms. Gomez presented about how sports can contribute to achieve SDGs and what kind of activities have been done so far in South America.

Ms. Tanya Gomez (The Role of Sport for SDGs: Review and Perspectives of Latin America)

Ms. Sasaki Presented about Institute Tiago Camilo that is the organisation where she did her internship in Brazil. She explained how judo has impact for kids living in slums based on her 6month experience.

Ms. Chizuru Sasaki (left) , Ms. Taciana Pintoさん(TIAS)(right)  (Social Inclusion through sport social projects n Brazil)  

At the end of session, Mr. Matsumoto, Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba and the Moderator for this session said ” We would like you to share these actions to your friends, families and colleagues who are not participating today’s session to make bigger movement for SDGs . And I again realized the importance to get more activities and researches in this area.”

Throughout two sessions, the presenters showed the potential of sports to contribute for SDGs from different perspectives.

Thank you for coming all the way to take part of our TGSW session.