Global Master's Programme Week2

Global Master’s Programme Week2

In the 2nd week,  GMP had many speakers who work in the programme that relate to Sports for disaster recovery.

Lectures are from different organisations such as private company, government and academic institutions. 

So that the lecture had more tangible examples than 1st week about the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Professor Kano, Den-en Chofu University: Community Building after 2011’s Disaster through Sport


Yahoo! and ASICS cooperation introduced their sport programs that support recovery from the great east earthquake. 

Mr. Adachi from Yahoo!:Tour de Tohoku 

Mr. Fukunari from ASICS:A Bright Tomorrow through Sport, Asics disaster relief effort in Tohoku


We had the lecture that includes both lectures and activities. Co-Innovation Laboratory and International Onigokko Association. 

Activity with the special balloon: Learn SDP project/ Practice


Students got the idea for the OVEP programme in Tohoku.

GMP is going to Tohoku Tour in the next week.


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